Best Dental Tips for Keeping Children’s Gums Healthy

Did you know optimal oral health goes beyond your teeth? Healthy gums play an important role in maintaining great oral hygiene and overall health, as …

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Is Going to the Dentist Safe?

With COVID-19 cases continuing to rise, many parents wonder if skipping their child’s dental appointment is a smart idea. Recent research proves otherwise, finding that …

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Tips for Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, and we have 8 easy tips that will help to ensure your kids benefit from a lifetime of …

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‘Tis the Season for Sealants

Take a moment to brush your molars with the tip of your tongue. Feel all those little nooks and crannies? Food and bacteria love to …

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Should You Pull Your Child’s Loose Tooth?

Guess the riddle: What starts with a wiggle and ends with a gap-toothed giggle? A loose tooth! It’s just another rite of passage in your …

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5 Ways to Keep the Sugar Monster at Bay This Halloween

There’s a monster living your child’s mouth. Its name is Streptococcus, and it’s ready to wreak havoc on your child’s teeth this Halloween. Streptococcus is …

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