Losing baby teeth: When it’s time to meet the tooth fairy

When It’s Time to Meet the Tooth Fairy A little one’s first wiggly tooth is a bittersweet milestone for parents. It’s another sign they’re growing …

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What to do if your child grinds their teeth (bruxism)

BRUXISM: SOMETHING GRINDING IN THE NIGHT Does your little guy grind his teeth while sleeping? It’s not unusual. Experts say teeth grinding or bruxism is …

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Why fluoride treatments and dental sealants are essential for a child’s oral hygiene

TWO DENTAL TREATMENTS EVERY CHILD NEEDS Your child brushes twice daily and visits his pediatric dentist twice a year. What else can you do to …

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How baby bottles and sippy cups affect your child’s teeth

WHAT EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BABY BOTTLES & SIPPY CUPS It’s OK for your baby or toddler to drink from a bottle or sippy …

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What you and your teen need to know about oral piercings

ORAL PIERCINGS: THE FACTS Teens look to oral piercing as an awesome form of self-expression. However, the medical community almost unanimously views it as a …

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When your child should start using toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash

3 MUST-HAVES FOR YOUR CHILD’S DENTAL ROUTINE From toothpaste to floss, your child has a lifetime of oral health ahead of him. Steer him in …

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